Gondhoraj Horny Bull

“Gondhoraj Lebu”, the name itself has its charm. The lovely aroma that spreads throughout the kitchen whenever you cut a slice of this wonderful lime is mesmerizing. It can take a boring Dal Bhat to a whole new level, such is the magical power of this little thing. I being a cocktail lover couldn’t stop myself from making a cocktail out of it! It is damn simple and takes only a few minutes.


2 ounces of Tequila

5 ounces of Orange Juice

Half a Gondhoraj Lebu (aromatic lime found mostly in Eastern India)



In a shaker, add ice, tequila and orange juice and shake the mixture.

In a serving glass, drop some ice and squeeze the gondhoraj lebu.

Strain the mixture into the glass and stir lightly.

Rub the squeezed lime wedge around the rim of the glass.

Garnish with a gondhoraj lebu slice and serve chilled.

Now you’re making this at home, not in a bar, so I would suggest to go light on the ice, the drink is already being shaken with ice.

Sit on the couch and enjoy this with your buddies or alone, whatever suits you. Although its raining every other evening, the summer heat is already excruciating. This drink might give you the ultimate relaxation you are searching for.